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IGCSE Learning Online Courses

We offer a wide range of IGCSE online courses.

The IGCSE is the world’s most popular exam qualification for 14 to 16 year olds, and the Cambridge IGCSE is recognised by universities and employers everywhere.

Your child’s choice of IGCSE subjects can have a major bearing on their future education and career. For advice please see Choosing Your Child’s IGCSE Subjects.

You can find more information about our IGCSE homeschooling courses here

As we offer a number of IGCSE Science options, you can find out more by visiting our IGCSE Science choices page.

If you plan to apply, but are uncertain as to whether your child is ready for IGCSE study, we offer pretests in English Language, English as a Second Language, Maths, Science, and in French, German and Spanish. Our Admissions team will be pleased to help.

Families are invited to meet with Tutors for a mid-term review of progress.

Our handy guide will explain more about the transition from Lower Secondary to IGCSE courses.